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Re: Retul shutting down Frame Finder - options? [MrsTiki]
We have a beta site (FREE for now - mybikefit.com) which allows storage of coordinates,and then you can view cup stack and reach on Fit targets for many tri bikes on the market (only tri bikes for now). The whole site is being majorly upgraded behind the scenes, so I am waiting to add more bikes/bars etc. Admittedly little work has been done on cosmetic bells and whistles, but the back end is quite robust. Soon virtual bike buildup and "superbike" calculators will be added (much of which is already implemented behind the scenes). This will tie in with our fitbike out put as well (we are currently using it this way). Once everything is implemented, it will still likely be free for most folks. Power users (professional fitters coaches etc) who want to store many fit profiles and use the advanced calculators will require a nominal sub fee. Unless I can figure out how to keep it free.

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