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Re: Winning Challenge Bahrain and non-draft success - AUA [pk]
Great questions.

My decision comes down to what location can provide me with the most stable environment. The question then comes down to what contributes to a stable environment for me? Ben, facilities, treatment, ease of recovery, food availability, climate, terrain, treadmill. These are a few of which are all factored.

Training in a squad, absolute necessity for ITU racing where racing is as a group.
Training on your own, absolute necessity for non-draft racers to be able to punish themselves when alone.
Training with Alicia, awesome. It's very rare a girl can train with a girl, on an almost identical program and it brings smiles, added motivation, closer friendship and better racing. When a training partner brings proven positive for one another then don't change or break that intentionally.

pk: I'll elaborate on this last Q shortly as it deserves a more detailed response.

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