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Re: Winning Challenge Bahrain and non-draft success - AUA [Halvard]
Tusind tak Halvard.

Sorry for such a delay in the response.

Us Danes can produce some solid triathletes that's for sure. If you base it on country population I'm going to put it out there that Denmark has the best rate of pro success per capita ;)

Yes it can be frustrating. Previously it may take up more energy or thoughts than it does now but on the whole I think the issue is deeper than we may think to overcome. In Denmark for example the focus on triathlon is insignificant which can hurt, especially when so much effort goes into winning such a race like Bahrain. IRONMAN Denmark does a great job at exposing the event and activating medias, especially television in Denmark. But that is it for Denmark. Anything outside of Denmark or the IRONMAN Denmark event is not valued unless there's a lifestyle story to relate to. Medias just don't understand the sport enough to cover it for performance purposes alone or recognize a big performance/exciting event.

In relation to Challenge Bahrain and the influence. I can with confidently say that it has already brought changes and some of the most needed ones. A reference was made to me today, by a business profile in the sport on a large level, who previously only valued, recognized and supported performances at IM 70.3 and full IM events. It was clear that performances in the Challenge Triple Crown in 2015 would carry equal value/recognition for them as that of Zell Am See/Kona.

How developments of Dubai/Oman/Bahrain take place I can only speculate. There is no doubt that having connected with 90% of my sponsor team post Bahrain they are now all ears towards the future of this series and other whispered developments. Dependent on the success of Dubai from a exposure, experience, coverage perspective then we could be looking at a very real 'change of trends'. Time will only tell.

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