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Re: Mad Calf Disease [trifellow]
I've periodically have had it over the years once I hit 50. Same symptoms as you describe. After a few episodes over the years, I have attributed to switching to the Computrainer in the winter and riding in the ERG mode. For some reason, this seems to correlate to my calf heart attacks. Just had one and I've had no problem for two years until I rode the CT.

My solution is dry needling, then slowly come back to run/walking until I can run a few miles with no problem. It always takes about two to three weeks until fully recover and I'm no longer protecting it or running weird.

Lot's of stuff on this board but its always the same - stretch, massage calfs, dry needling and come back slow or it will happen again. I don't know exactly what causes it but it seems like some type of nerve impingement, which quickly tightens the muscle to a cramp like feeling.

Good luck. Link below on best article on coming back from calf heart attack

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