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100/100 Run Challenge Airing of the Grievances Thread
Just re posting the 2014 thread. Same deal, get it out of your system and yes I would be supportive of a minimum 15-20 min run but let's see what you guys say this year.


With the challenge starting on Dec 15, it's time to get all the moaning, bitching and complaining out of our collective systems in the next couple of weeks so we can get to work on some winter running (here in the Northern Hemisphere).

Here is the thread with all the rules from last year so please check that out before you complain (actually this thread is fine to complain in if you disagree with everything or anything there, but better to read it first).


I'll start. I don't like WTC having downhill swims, cancelling swims, shortening swims. WTC needs to hire Monty as their swim director and then we'll be swimming in 10 foot surf in lightening and they will make every swim 5 miles like it is meant to be. But it seems that WTC does not want swims to be hard because it gets more people in the sport. I have been grappling with the wussification of sport in general. Gone are the days when they made hard men like Monty, Tom Warren or Wolfgang Dietrich. So wussification has gone mainstream and the challenge has been receiving pressure for the past 5 years to wussify and be more inclusive because we want our 100/100 cake complete with icing and want to eat it to. If the challenge board of directors wussified it to 1 mile per day or 1 min per day, that would be even more inclusive.

Before I execute a "rule change", let me say my grievance is the wussification of sport. The challenge was never really designed to be inclusive....we made it to see who would be smart enough to extract max fitness, while in the process we could use it to break some of our competition and send them to the injury zone (OK, pink font for this part about injuring people....we don't want to do that).

The problem is that even though we don't want people to get injured, we can't help people doing stupid things to themselves and getting injured on day 30 because they tripled their mileage in a span of 30 days....it works for 3 weeks and then magically on week 4 people break themselves.

In keeping in line with the wussification of sport, WTC put in the swim smart program so we don't get beaten up in 3000 person mass starts. Now we can hang off rafts and at the threat of a tiny wave, WTC will shorten or cancel the swim. If they can get the local dam authority to release more current into a downstream swim, they will.

My complaint is the entire industry has gone that way, so I table this rule change to the veterans to start the flood of grievances.

All rules stay the same as last year except for this one. Since we can't stop people from breaking themselves and they will go out and do a run when they should not, I propose that the minimum run to count on a given day would be 15 minutes provided that TOMORROW you do at least a 45 minutes continguous run in one shot. Don't enter 15 minutes in the spreadsheet today though. You get to enter 30 min for today and 30 minutes for tomorrow, tomorrow after you have completed the "catch up 45 minutes".

Other than that, all the rules stand the same. I am complaining about the sport being wussified, but now you guys can complain that I am suggesting that we wussify the challenge and in doing so, I am becoming part of the problem.

OK, that's all I have. Start the airing of the grievances. Did someone get a festivus aluminium pole during Black Friday that they can put in the corner, or since it is ST is the pole carbon fiber?
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