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Re: The Official Diabetic Triathlete Thread [runnerwv]
Hey all, I'm a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic. Raced my first 70.3 In September. Didn't know I was diabetic at the time. Had a bad race, despite being well hydrated and really taking it easy early in the race my lower body started to cramp severely. I was only about 90 mins into the race when this happened. Don't even know if cramping can come from diabetes side effects but I never once cramped in practice ever.

So the very next day after my race I started getting very thirsty, sudden urges to pee. Fast forward 2 weeks and I had felt exhausted the past 2 weeks, so I thought maybe its lack of training. So i tried to go out and run and barely made it a mile before having to walk. Couple days later my eyesight went. Everything was blurry. I had started my training 9 months ago at 175lbs. I got down to 160lbs for my race........ 1 month later with no exercise at all I had dropped to 143lbs.

Doc gave me my A1C results which were 13.6. I was put on metformin and taking classes right now. Weird thing is, I fell into NONE of the categories of people who should get diabetes. No family history, not obese, good diet, exercise 6 times a week, just turned 41yrs old, and there are a few more, but I don't fit any of the mold. This was truly a shock to me.

My eyesight has gotten worse. I have to wear +3.25 reading glasses to see anything at all. I am trying to learn about nutrition thru taking classes and seeing an endo specialist. I just started walking and jogging again a few days ago. Seems like it might be a long road back. Hoping things clear up soon. I've really been down in the dumps and frustrated the past few weeks. Trying to turn my attitude around now. No need to feel sorry for myself. Time to get things right.

Just want to share my story. I will be going back and reading this thread from start to finish.

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