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Re: The Official Diabetic Triathlete Thread [fulla]
definitely...i have been getting by with sprint races with basal in the background, but since the bike sends me so high, i wondered if there is any advantage in me bolusing a unit or two in T1. I dont go any higher than, say, 13mmols (234)...but if 2 units kept me to 9mmols (162), would i be faster, all things equal?

I guess the question becomes ' how high is too high before sporting performance is impaired?'

Oly's and above, definitely needing insulin of that bit i know....i did a 70.3 on the weekend and should have front loaded a stack of insulin in T1...instead i spent my bike leg not really racing but trying to get nutrition in while injecting to bring down the highs. I injected myself 7 fuckin times on the bike. Sit up, coast, inject repeat. I was mostly 11-14mmols except the last 1/4 of the bike in which time i could finally feed the blood sugar drops. It was a very very hot day, i didnt push the bike, but was gone when i got off of it. Hell, in training i was doing 210NP for 2 x 1 hr blocks...i did 184np for the race i was just chasing blood sugar...it was a 2 lap bike, my first lap power was ok, i didnt feel fatigued nor was i burning matches.....but the second lap, wether it was just me or chasing the highs and getting no nutrition in through to the muscles, it musnt have been working. I think i ran out of muscle glycogen, and by the time i finally got my blood sugar down in the second lap, it was too late.
Cramped to shit. I shuffled the run but ofcourse needed to snort every gel known to man at every aid station, coz hooray, now insulin decides to work.
A big F you to hormones that cause hyperglycemia
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