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Re: NP, IF, TSS - registered trademarks? [fruity]
fruity wrote:
you would think that they wouldn't have a problem with maximumtrainer using their formulas considering that maximumtrainer is free software that promotes cycling and accessibility to all. Also, I never knew it was possible to trademark a name for a mathematical formula. someone should trademark the pythagorean theorem.

It's not possible to trademark or patent math, there's quite a bit of legal history on that.

Fwiw, I was introduced to and had a brief email exchange with Peaksware, and was greeted cordially about the usage of the terms, right up until I mentioned I intended to use them in a commercial context. I fully disclosed the project I was working on and the extent to which I planned to use the terms. I never heard back after that. I had the same experience with PhysFarm.

If you use Newton's law of universal gravitation, you could very well it 'GraviSmash!', and the consumer of your term can be informed that in fact, it's the same formula as used behind the law. I'd REALLY like it if Peaksware or Physfarm could jump in here and clear this all up. As fruity points out, attributing the terms to Peaksware or PhysFarm, etc does nothing to hurt their brand whatsoever, it does quite the opposite. Usage of trademark with attribution is advertising. Ideally I'd like to give the credit back to Coggan and Allen and encourage people to renumerate *them* through purchasing their book where TSS, IB, et al are introduced and discussed. That's putting the money where it belongs.
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