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Re: Official power2max support thread [power2max]
power2max wrote:

- elag: standing up to stretch your calves is unproblematic. The only way you have a small chance to upset the auto zero process is if you do a track stand (i.e with tension on the chain) and very constant pressure. Can you please do a specific test for me? Pedal 15s pretty hard (say, twice as hard as in a steady state interval), then coast and do the manual zero several times in a row and record the numbers. Before the first manual zero you will have to wait about 2 seconds, otherwise it will return a calibration error.

HI, I'm not sure how to do this. I have a garmin 500, when I go to the calibration screen to see the numbers, it always wants to recalibrate. I have a Fenix2, I can try with that next bike ride.

FYI, today was a perfect example of what I'm finding all the time:

On my trainer I did 4x8:00 the goal to be 200 watts for all 4 intervals. i was on my trainer, I was in the exact same gear for every interval. Here is each 8:00 interval:

Avg Watts, Avg Cadence, Avg Speed (remember indoors)
1st: 190 95 17.7
2nd 200 94 17.6 (My cadence and speed are slightly slower, but the power in 10 watts higher??)
3rd 193 96 17.7
4th 203 95 17.6

The cadence and speed make sense to me, they drop and increase at the same time. The watts go up and down randomly. This is what I see all the time, sometimes in big increments, sometimes small. let me know if you want to see the Garmin file.
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