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post your favorite main sets please. (swimming)
I thought I'd try to start a bit of a repository for good sets. I see a lot of good ones in the monthly ST swim club thread, but they easily get lost in there.

This is a friendly place to share your faves, either yours or others you see that you like the idea of. Not the whole workout, just the main set, and try to scale so it's easy to fit into a typical triathlete or masters workout, which is around 3000 m / yards total. So if the main set is between 1000 and 2000, that would be about right in my view.

I'll start with one we called "wheels" in college. still a favorite. this is the 1000 version, easy to scale up as desired.

4x250 as {
25 fly, 50 back, 75 br, 100 fr
25 back, 50 br, 75 fr, 100 fly
25 br, 50 fr, 75 fly, 100 back
25 fr, 50 fly, 75 back, 100 br

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