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Hi Everybody,

I am curious about the value that Computrainer's SpinScan provides to fitting customers. From what I'm seeing and hearing, people want some sort of measurable metric to say "yeah, the money I spent on my fit was worth it". They want to say "I gained X watts thanks to my fit!" These are some open, somewhat rhetorical questions, and any thoughts are appreciated:

1. Can SpinScan really demonstrate the effects of a good versus not-so-good position?

2. Is SpinScan really all that accurate? I have a hard time understanding how it could be very accurate when you are measuring at the rear wheel. I would think that pedal-based or crankarm-based solutions have the potential to be more accurate, but obviously you can't just throw on a set of Garmin Vectors when the customer is using Speedplays.

3. Are there any alternatives to SpinScan? Could I get just as useful information from a CycleOps Powerbeam Pro?

4. Going back to providing measurable gains, is there any value in trying to demonstrate wattage changes? Do you let the customer see their output live? The last time I was fit by somebody else, he let me see my SpinScan live, but that really just allowed me to immediately see the effects of my pedaling technique and adjust accordingly. At the end, he claimed I gained 15 watts, but I really don't buy it - he never measured heart rate or even paid attention to my cadence.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Travis Rassat
Vector Cycle Works
Noblesville, IN
BikeFit Instructor | FMS | F.I.S.T. | IBFI
Toughman Triathlon Series Ambassador
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