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Re: Ask us anything about Aero Camp [klehner]
Just chiming in when I can between classes...

First off, I had an interesting and not too uncommon situation were my baseline changed. My "optimal position" was achieved during run #3 after rotating extensions up slightly and dropping 2cm with a CdA of .2447. I went back to this "optimal position" for run #8 and now had a CdA of .2512...uh oh. What I have done is assume that the CdA increased in a linear fashion between run #3 and run #8.

Pearl Izumi Tri Octane:

As you can see in the photo, I had a bunch of bunching and a ton of wrinkles on the shoulder and biceps. Surprisingly the suit actually tested neutral, 1.3 watt drag increase from optimal position baseline, and 1.3 watt drag decrease from "fatigue baseline". My theory behind the neutral test is that the sleeves were slow, but the fact that the rest of the suit was much tighter than my stretched out trisuit was fast. Plan: Tight fitting Kiwami coming soon.

Louis Garneau P09
The upset: The P09 topped the McClaren, although only by about 1/2 watt for myself. Another person was in the neutral to slightly worse when comparing the P09 to the McClaren.
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