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Re: Ask us anything about Aero Camp [gradiology]
For me going longer was bad. I stretched out 1cm and it killed my neck and was slower. Me dropping 1cm was a big improvement. Brian was already pretty stretched out and had a super low CdA. 2nd lowest of the camp which is impressive given that he's 6'ish. A couple of the women testing were better stretched out and lower. It is really individual.

Jim says the trend is narrow, long and low. But not to much. Some people got worse when they went to low and started exposing their backs.

The thing for me is that I went to Jim for a fit and found out that I didn't need one as I done a good job on my own. I think I'd pretty much already gotten 95% way there on the fit. The only thing I changed was going 1cm lower in front. The moral is Fit first. Those that got in a good position got significantly faster in testing.

Heath Dotson
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