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Re: Any Canadians with/had a hip labral tear here? [Nancathia]
I had a mosaicplasty (think bone graft) on my femoral head, labrum got cut (repair was not possible) and cam impingement got fixed.

9 weeks later I can swim, bike without resistance, I cannot run nor jog yet. Swimming helps a lot, rowing works as well.

I had it done abroad ($10000 altogether, in debts for years...), better timing would probably had it covered by OHIP but decisions had to be made quickly to go back to normal and somehow 'salvage' whatever would be left of my 2014 season .

Your labrum fix could also be covered if you can have 2 or 3 surgeons stating they cannot operate before a 'reasonable' amount of time.
Be super patient though and get cracking on the paperwork asap if you are considering out of province surgery.

Labrum turned out to be the least of my worries and since surgery the pain is almost completely gone (the labrum one that is).

Rebuilding my quad is a painstaking process, 4 weeks without load-bearing positions on my left leg did some serious damage.

Hyaluronic acid provides relief until surgery (good for 6 months) It is about $400 (not covered) but it worked for me and allowed me to make it in more or less one piece till surgery.

if you have any questions don't be stranger.

Only fools never change their minds and I'll never change my mind about that.
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