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Re: How was your week? Dec. 2 Edition [tigerchik]
I had a good couple days off. Busy! On Saturday morning I did the Seattle Kid's Marathon with my niece and nephew. They run/walk/skip a mile every day then finish their last mile at the marathon location. They get t-shirts and medals. My niece is a natural athlete, my nephew not so much. It was a challenge to keep him moving but he did it and ran in the last little bit so I was proud of him.

Sunday I did the Seattle Half Marathon. My training has been inconsistent. I've been working a lot, got a cold, got burn-out, etc. so I wasn't in prime shape going in. The Seattle course sucks and I wonder why I keep doing it. The second half is all hills that go on for-freakin-ever. I felt great the first half. My average pace was faster than I expected with little effort so I was excited to maybe do a little better than I expected. The hills sucked all that optimism and energy from me. I came in well past my goal time but considering my training I'm generally OK with it. The important fact is I was 24 minutes faster than last year and didn't walk the hills so a big improvement. I just have to keep reminding myself of the progress I've made.

Today is a rest day, tomorrow a massage, Thursday is personal training and who knows what else for the rest of the week.

I'm going to play it chill for December. Shorter runs, some pool time and lifting weights. I need the mental break.

Jen - @ultragrrl

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