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Re: How was your week? Dec. 2 Edition [tigerchik]
Last week's goals:
Run x 4: WIN with 6
Swim x 4: WIN
Bike x 4: WIN
Core/strength x 4: WIN
Foam roll/rehab x 4: WIN for doing rehab but FAIL for foam rolling - zero.

Leg is getting stronger, and I had an awesome trail ride on Saturday afternoon - even found a new trail that's still in the process of being built!

(Not this trail - this one was super fun, despite a couple of clench moments riding across frozen puddles where the river had washed it out a bit)

I was rewarded with this incredible sunset to finish off the ride.

This week's goals:
Run x 6
Bike x 4
Swim x 4
Core/strength x 4
Foam roll/rehab x 4


-mistress k

ill advised racing inc.
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