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Re: I qualified for Kona at IMMT and my Kona race experience [giddy-up-n-go]
Thanks everyone. It's amazing what a month's worth of perspective can do for you. I was pretty down on myself for a few weeks post race, but feeling a lot better now. I had read a few social media posts (after IM Florida) from some people I knew who had said, "I would never take a rolldown, I didn't earn it." Things like that hurt, because I had such trepidation about racing in Kona....was I worthy to be there? I feel better about having raced there, it by no means was a stellar performance for me, but I feel honored to have had the opportunity. Trust me, I will be busting my butt to get back there. REDEMPTION is a wonderful thing, and I've got some business to get done there (it might take a while, but I will be back)!

Kat Donatello
2015 Betty Designs Team
RD, The Pumpkinman Triathlon Festival
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