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Re: The Official Diabetic Triathlete Thread [runnerwv]
started at 9.6mmols right before the swim. Had 1 bolus unit in the background pretty much cleared out. 8 units of lantus on board. Swam and felt ok, ran to transition with legs like lead. I knew something wasnt right. I could hardly run. Checked my bsugar and after a 30 odd minute swim i was at 6.5mmols. So the numbers were reading ok, but i really had no power on the bike. I just had no energy and was zapped. I had 1 jellybean and that took my bsugar from 6.5mmols to 11. Crazy from a single jelly bean. I was thirsty as hell too. Signs pointed to ketoacidosis, however my numbers werent off the charts high. I dont know, i dont get it. I was well rested, tapered (didnt up my lantus dose during taper when i probably could have by 1 or 2 units) and raring to go. The swim itself was fine. My legs were just shot. I hopped off the bike in T2 to see if i could run and i had really bad quad cramps. I ambled for a km. It took me over 6 minutes. It was a familiar feeling. Cramping because i couldnt get glucose into my muscles. I didnt have enough insulin on board it felt like. I was really nauses on the bike aswell. As mentioned before, i have raced a half on 10 units of lantus and nothing else and blitzed it. No go this time. Such a shit disease where you analyze everything when it goes wrong and still leaves you guessing

Edit: i was very insulin resistant that day and today too. You would think after doing such exercise you would need less insulin. But i have trippled my bolus dosage these past two days because my readings are all way too high. Im going to adjust my basal up a little bit too
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