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Re: The Official Diabetic Triathlete Thread [runnerwv]
I was diagnosed with Type 1 in November of 2009 at the age of 34. I use a pump and my insulin is Apidra. I do not wear my pump while training/racing.

Since my diagnosis:

Florida 70.3 My carb mix that worked well in the northeast did not work well in the heat and humidity (if only the race was a day earlier). Everything was great until the run (or in my case, walk). I did Musselman later that summer with more success after finally getting my nutrition dialed in (24 oz bottle with one scoop of carbo pro and one scoop of EFS every 30-45 min). I was scheduled to do Syracuse, but just didn't feel right later that summer.

I was not able to race because of shingles and then a lower leg injury

More lower leg issues (left calf strain/Achilles tendinitis) but I was able to do the Aquabike at Keuka Lake.

I did the Keuka Aquabike, a bunch of time trials, and was FINALLY able to get back to triathlon at the Cortland Sprint Tri!
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