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Re: How was your week? Oct. 28 Edition [tigerchik]
Goals for this week are over 10k swim school got busy and I didn't get that much swimming but I am not too worried about it, use bike to commute to school at least a couple times (done this morning!) done and what an awesome way to get "free" cycling miles, run keep it under 45 miles (which I plan to do by keeping daily runs under an hour, take 1-2 days off, and do 1 long run) kind of sort of. I did take a day off from running and I kept 3 of the daily runs under an hour, and I did a long run.

M - 7.5 mi run (400, 800, 1200, 1600 @ 6:40 pace) + 1300 yd swim + some bike commute miles
T - 65 min. stairmaster + 1600 yd swim (5 x 100 fast 1:12s) + some bike commute miles
W - 12 mi run easy (1h49)
T - 8 mi run (5 x 1 mi @ 7:30, 7:26, 7:14, 7:04, 6:58)
F -2.26 mi run + 4000 yd swim (10 x 100 on 1:25 + 10 x 100 on 1:20) + some bike commute miles
S - 9 mi progressive run + some bike commute miles
S - 11 mi run + some bike commute miles

Totals: 6900 yd swim, 1h51 bike, just under 50 mi run, some stairmaster, hip/shoulder exercises twice, 3.5 mi walking.

Food went well, only 1 bad day. :-)
Goals for this week: 12-15k swim (bonus points if I hit 15k), bike commute a couple times (secretly hoping for more time on the bike than last week), keep daily runs to under an hour and do one long run.

The highlight of the week was the OSU vs Stanford swim meet... those girls are FAST.

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