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Re: Any Canadians with/had a hip labral tear here? [Bancarel]
Have you tried Durolane? It costs about $350 ($280 at Costco) and is similar to Synvisc.

I had this injection done at the hospital by doctor referral. I had Durolane filled by my pharmacy ahead of time (as it needs to be ordered in). A radiologist did the injection under x-ray guidance and told me about the cheaper price at Costco. From what I understand you don't have to be a member to use Costco's pharmacy but you do need a prescription.

Early in 2013 OHIP decided to no longer pay for the procedure and hospitals are now charging a fee to have it injected on the premises. This makes me mad as OHIP will still pay to inject cortisone into your hip but not viscosupplementation.
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