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PSA - new prices, Praxis Works, free shipping
Hi folks,

I hope you don't mind the cross posting here, but in time with Interbike we have a major update to announce. We have decided to serve you - our customers - direct going forward and are passing the benefits on to you in three ways:

  • Prices of all power meters are lower - the $899 for the Gossamer stays, the Rotor 3D is now $1,099 (previously $1,349), 3D+ 1,249 (previously 1,449)
  • We ship all power meters for free in USA and Canada
  • We are proud to announce a partnership with Praxis Works to bring the best shifting chain rings
  • We continue to serve all 50 US States free of tax.

Details can be found on our site: http://bit.ly/19eaLAa

We're looking forward to your feedback!


official power meter of Movistar Team
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