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Re: Not recovering IT Band Friction Syndrome!! [sedelany]
Tried everything. Strengthening, stretching, rolling, icing.

I can squat twice my body weight and glutes hips are as strong as ever. Kept coming back

Switched to minimalist shoes... That worked for a bit but it nope, it came back

But finally, FINALLY I fixed it

It was all thanks to a bad race picture I had. I was rather hunched over in my running posture. Not major but not 'tall and proud' like when I watch crowie or other pros

I read somewhere to imagine you have a string attached to your belly button and it's pulling you along

This did it! Hips forward, shoulders back, running tall while not over striding

I just did a 15k run on Sunday without pain. I am so freaking thrilled.

Good luck. I've dealt with this for 2 years and know your pain, literally.

Note: I still have to check my posture every km or so, old habits take a while to break .
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