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Re: The official Fuji Norcom Straight thread [Herbert]

This can't be serious... I mean look at that aero-brick front setup. Cables dangling everywhere and the thickest aerobars I've ever seen (yet not full of cables routed internally)

I like the front brake cable enters the head tube, but why not the rest of the cables also.

Design looks like a transition, though I that design is 6 years old by now. And Fuji did not "update" the design to today's standards. Its like the bizarre child of a Chinese open mould and a Specialized Transition.
What is the battery doing on the seatpost? For a new generation bike you would expect the battery to be hidden.
Where are the opportunities to mount bentobox/computer/BTA bottle/repair kit etc??? All these things have been given a thought on new gen. bikes such as Speed concept, Shiv, new p3 and p5...
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