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Re: The official Fuji Norcom Straight thread [Nick_Barkley]
I'm not seeing any compelling evidence that they've struck on a sizing regime that is any more adaptive than their competitors, wrt this quote:
'Fujiís development teamís stance is that a stand-alone bicycle that tests well in the wind tunnel, but does not adapt to allow a rider to attain an aero position, enabling their body to produce maximum power, will produce poor results come race day.'

I am pleased that they aren't doing the ridiculously short front-centres that afflicted the small sizes of the D6. But the progression in x,y is not particularly consistent.
A bit disappointing that the release I've being getting annoying emails about for weeks has every model with the same RRP.
The development process appears to be well conceived and the bike overall looks to be a much better effort than the predecessor.

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