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Womens ST (Xantusia) Kit.
Hey ladies,

Is anyone still wearing their ST kit ~~ remember the deSoto tri top with the xantusia down the top & the pretty blue flowered panel shorts? Turns out after lo! these many years I found mine in the bottom of a drawer. Would it be a sacrilege to do my first tri of the season in Ocala flying my ST kit?

Speaking of which, whatever happened to the Womens of ST? Speaking for myself, I left because of some specific nastiness which has since (apparently) been resolved, or at least silenced. And for that, however it came about and by whom, thank you.

Bring me up to date! I've been relatively out of commission since my hip resurface, but it's all rehabbed & I'm good to go. But where o where is the womens' team? Dawn T? TriBabe?

~~ kate
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