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Re: NormaTec MVP Boot vs. Recovery Pump Boot [rwurbina]
I've been using the RevitaPump LX7. At only $529 the price was fair and it works great. www.revitapump.com. They have some "pants" garments coming out soon, and look forward to trying them. I have done my research. A friend of mine uses the PowerPress Digital Sequential Compression pump he purchased for under $700 on Amazon. Its not marketed to athletes, but essentially does the same thing as other "sports recovery pumps". The Recovery Pump, Sport Pump, and Normatec MVP are excellent products. But many of these devices are somewhat similar or rebranded from their medical version. There are various brands of 'pumps" all over Amazon.com. I also heard Podium Legs www.podiumlegs.com are decent and priced fairly, but they are waiting on FDA approval. I don't think you need to spend over a thousand dollars as long as the pump has at least 4 air segments, and inflates with a "sequential gradient" technology. I believe some of brands like the RevitaPump and PowerPress pumps both offer "regular" and "peristaltic" inflation options. So, you get the best of both arguments of Normatec vs. other brands. These in my opinion, are the key qualities. This is America, and its all about marketing. The only one claiming to be USA made is Sport Pump brand www.sportpump.com. Granted some brands may seem more heavy and substantial. But I think they mostly serve the same purpose and have similar warranties, with a few whistles and bells that may or not be worth the price. Some of the cheaper pumps actually have some cool programable feature and an extra garment to address the gluteaI muscles or "glutes". I think the higher prices of Recovery Pump, Normatec MVP, and Vessports pumps are up there because of the all the marketing and event sponsorships they may spend money on. Nothing wrong with that. Are the features and perceived quality justified? Maybe, but the internet allows us to find good alternatives to products. The same reason why Best Buy and Circuit City ran into problems with electronic comparison shopping online . Many of us love our sport, but are on a tight budget. I wanted to educate my fellow athletes with the options out there and maybe save some people money in these tough times.
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