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Re: IM St. George thread- The last running today [deh20]
deh20 wrote:
So here's a question: IM Lanzarote has fewer registered participants (1694, if the participant list is correct) than IMSG. So why do they keep that race around? I know WTC is trying to maximize their profits (can't blame them for that), but why hang on to Lanzarote and not Saint George? Are there other factors in play?

Tough conditions but incredible location and swim / bike course (run would need improvement). Hard to imagine a better destination race in the US (at least from an east coaster's perspective.) And, I think it's more difficult to justify spending the money to travel that far for a 70.3.

Sad to see it go. Glad I got to participate in the last one.

Lanzarote has been around for 12 years so it has a nice solid history. It fills a niche in both its location and difficulty level. It's located in an area where many pro triathletes do a good bit of winter training. IMSG has seen decreasing enrollment and after a year like this with weather that made things extremely challenging it's likely that next year would have been a bust. Athletes that have trained extensively in the area know that as difficult as last weekends weather was, things could be much worse. Many other reason too and I'm certain others will add them.

As sad as it is today, 20 years from now it will be enjoyable to remember that you did the last IM in St. George "the really tough year when less than 3/4 of the field finished." Few others will remember but you will and that should be enough.


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