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Re: IM St. George thread- The last running today [Ultra-tri-guy]
Ultra-tri-guy wrote:
IMVoice wrote:
I what recall saying was I personally had never brought an Ironman Mens winner in over 9 hours. Which I haven't.


I think I might have you on a technicality Mike....2006 Ironman Coeur d'Alene..Age-grouper Chris Hauth wins overall in 9:07..I'm sure I heard someone calling out "You are an Ironman" at the finish.....Maybe I am mistaken and that was one of the few races you weren't working.


...and then of course as the pro womens only race moved to Lake Placid the following year age grouper Alex Mroszczyk-Mcdonald was first male and fastest overall in 9:16.....

I know,I know...these weren't male pro races but if we do know one thing about Slowtwitch is that folks are anal about the facts ...

There are two more but after hanging out at over 100 of these things I'm sure they are all starting to melt into one big Iron-mess in the old grey cells....and the cheesheads are a pretty forgettable bunch..;-)

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