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Re: IM St. George thread- The last running today [Terra-Man]
I was there yesterday and started the swim..this was to be my first full distance, and by no means am I a strong swimmer. Swim time was likely gonna be around 1:25-1:30 (based on pool times and 70.3 swim times). Plan was just to take my time, get through it and then go for it on bike and run...

Was having a pretty good swim, just before the first turn buoy noticed the spray, and could t figure out where it was coming from.... Then a few minutes later the chop got bad. I turned the first buoy and started for the 300m portion with no intentions of stopping. Was feeling fine...stopped for one second to hang onto a board, in order to get my bearings, as couldn't even see buoy's for the chop...as I'm about to start swimming, the swim director pulled up in his motorized raft and told me to get in..he didn't give me a choice. Had he asked me if I wanted to get in, I would have said no. ( There were several hundred people behind me still swimming), and I didn't argue with him..we then stopped and picked up around 10 more that were ordered to get in the boat...the swim director, was obviously very concerned about everyone in the water, and had it been feasible he probably would have cancelled the swim in the middle of it, but how do you do that with 1400 or so swimmers at various points? He said 10 minutes earlier and the swim would have never happened. to be with the swim director during those tense 20 minutes was interesting. His main concern was every swimmers safety, and rightfully so given that most of the swim support was in danger as well. I saw one kayaker that flipped and we had to pull him in, as he was really struggling to stay afloat, and then there was the boat that took in so much water it started to sink and had to be towed to shore..

My biggest disappointment was that I put a lot into this race financially. St george is a long way from mississippi! On the bright side, training for this race gave me an even better fitness base for the summer. While bummed that I didn't get to finish, that really isn't that big of a deal to me. I like this sport because I enjoy training, enjoy racing, and meeting the people.

They ended up letting us do the bike and the run.. I chose to do the bike and passed on the run bc have been dealing with a hip issue and didn't see the point in making it worse. Did the bike in 6:10 (unofficially obviously but official by my garmin :) it was quite the training ride to say the least..

Within the rescue raft I was on, there were four people who had done more than one IM...one guy was a 1:08 swimmer. A couple of 1:15-1:20's, and a 1:25...found it interesting that several of folks who were pulled had experience withmass start OWS at this distance..
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