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Re: IM St. George thread- The last running today [SmallAngryMan]
SmallAngryMan wrote:
Sounds like it was utterly mental out there in the swim. My wife swam a 1:35, which is about half an hour slower than normal.

I was very relieved to see her appear on the tracker after the swim finish.

And very happy this morning to wake up and see she had come through for the 30-35 AG win. It was some tough racing out there - conditions were obviously difficult and and then top 3 were very close time wise all the way through the run.

Interesting how the conditions sounded a bit like a replay of IMSA. Light winds at the very beginning of the swim with a huge increase by the middle and then windy for the rest of the day. Bet you can relate to that. I know my wife and I can. The darn wind flags started flapping just the same way at both events.

Glad to hear your wife had a good result.


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