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Re: New 3D Trainer Program w/pics (ANT+, MAC/PC) [jmX]
I actually made the very beginnings of an app like this last winter, but gave up once I learned about Trainerroad and went back to the other project I've got going. I did a couple trainer races this winter, and was surprised how simple the packed-in software was when you're talking about a $1k piece of equipment. Congratulations on pulling through and getting a polished-looking product out.

The goals I'd have for something like this:
-Any kind of multiplayer
-Online handicapped multiplayer - all the tactics and exercise of road-racing, without the bike damage when you crash. Handicapping could be based on each rider's FTP, though that'd require a server to keep track of people's FTP since lying would be an easy way to win.
-Real routes. You could maybe use the google elevation data and google earth textures, and elaborate with randomly-placed trees or something to do it on the cheap.

The video of 0.5 looks amazing. I echo the "shut up and take my money now" folks. I made a little java interval app last winter too, but yours is pretty and has all the power readouts and I want it now.

STAC Zero Trainer - Zero noise, zero tire contact, zero moving parts. Suffer in Silence starting fall 2016
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