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Re: Official Specialized Shiv Thread [Philosoraptor]
Philosoraptor wrote:
jesse@thr wrote:
Philosoraptor wrote:
jesse@thr wrote:
Pickles wrote:
I too ordered a Comp Rival at the beginning of January. I went to my shop today and they told me late March to early April. I have a big race on April 1st and I am really not that happy right now that I probably won't have a tri bike for that race.

I picked up my Shiv Comp Rival today in Delaware USA - Thanks Specialized!

Pics or it didn't happen.

Here ya go... looks damn fast - just gotta keep working the engine...

Nice! Is that stinger a C2 and if so how does it fit in the stays? A C2 Jet is on my shortlist.

Yes, 2012 Flame Rouge C2 platform - going all in on the wheels this year. No problem at all with the stays, but it seems the brakes will need to be adjusted when switching between training and racing tires.

With only a short 10 mile ride in before it got dark, here are my first impressions - I'd like to hear what others are thinking...

+ the bike fits me like a glove while riding - LBS had plenty of options to really tune the fit and I've probably done over 20k miles of riding on my last TT bike, so I knew what I wanted
+ brakes work very well
+ power transfer was solid
+ It was very windy when riding and the side wind was not a factor on the frame (I was using the stock wheels on the ride)
+ handles well on turns
- not a great climber or a super quick starter, but not terrible either - at 20.8 lbs (with standard speedplay zero pedals and empty hydration pack and standard wheelset - 1.4 pounds lighter with HED wheelset) - but it is a TT bike afterall and I wasn't really expecting much in these areas
- changing out race tires with these brakes seems like it will be a pain, but perhaps the barrel adjuster will give me enough play
+ paint job is really cool
+ shifting is fine

Unfortunately, my legs were shot from a 4 hour training trail RUN the day before, so I didn't get a real sense for how fast this bad boy will go, but I did give it a go a few times and was impressed with my comfort level at top speed even with the stock wheels - can't wait to take it out on a TT test ride.
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