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Re: QFT: Paulo Sousa on Swimming [jess_d]
I understand that swimming and running are different sports. And good technique is better than bad technique. But, the one facet that holds true in all three sports is there is rarely a substitute for volume.

Here's what happens to most new(er) triathletes these days. They track down a coach or down-load a training program online and they have these great little programs with 2 - 3 workouts/week in each sport - and off they go. It goes well at first because it's all new to them and if they don't have a back-ground in any of the sports they progress well from the get go. But they plateau fairly quickly and find it hard and challenging moving beyond that point. What they need to do is toss the three sport training out the window temporarily and look at single sport focus blocks. Why? - because, volume, when done right, really does take you to the next level. So for 2, 4, 6 months or more, be a swimmer, or a cyclist or a runner - do that sport every day or almost everyday each week. Throw in a couple of sessions of the other sports for maintenance and to keep an attachment.

Many think there is some mystery here, or secret training program, or special talent required. As Simon Whitfield says, "Chop wood & carry water" - the results will come with time. However, many give up before they get to that time! Hint, the time lines for real improvement and base building in endurance sports are much longer than people realize!

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