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Re: Official Specialized Shiv Thread [Shiv-er]
Hey Shiv-er let me see if I can answer this one.

here is the S&R chart for the bike:

You are correct, with the stem flipping from 60-90mm you can add that on for your reach to the basebar. However, with this bike we are running a standard 1 1/8th" steer tube so riders will be able to choose any stem and bar they want. (the full integrated carbon aerobar/stem and the alloy bar will also be available in the aftermarket.)

Next on the stack height, with the S-Works carbon bar with integrated stem from the center of the HT to the basebar measures 35mm and from the basebar to the armpad measures 45mm for a total of 80mm from the center of the HT to the arm pad. This is essentially the lowest stock set up.

With this bike and stock parts we have been able to fit both Ben Hoffman and Rasmus easily on the bike [Crowie, as you have seen, runs a Pro cockpit (not to mention Mark, Myself, and many other test dummies in the building!)]

From the lowest position the rider can add up to 50mm of spacer in 5mm increments under the extensions

and 25mm or 50mm of additional height to the steertube with use of the included Control Towers!!!

This means from the stock set up a rider can come up an additional 10cm. This bike is incredibly easy to fit.

Parts are shown below:

The bike also ships with this kit:


Spacers for the extensions in 20mm, 10mm and 5mm heights

3 heights (5mm, 25mm, and 50mm) of behind the stem Control Tower Fairings.

Alright Shiv-er, I hope that covers the basics. We did alot of thinking and reserch about what a REAL triathlete needed and aimed to not just fit the ultra-low extreme of UCI Pro cyclists. Hopefully this is just want everyone has been hoping for.

if you need any more clarification please ask. I'll be fielding questions when I can.


Shiv-er wrote:
What is the overall stack of the new S-Works Shiv with the included aero bars? All you show on the Specialized website is frame stack. For reach we can assume that it will be frame reach + 60 or 90 mm for the stem lengths, correct?

Chris R.
Specialized Bicycle Components
PR/Media Relations
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