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Re: "long slow rides are a waste of time" [Tom A.]
Tom A. wrote:

How far (long) is the 3rd prime from the finish?

it varies, 2 or 3 miles probably?

If you take that approach though, I suggest NOT actually trying to win the prime, but use the guys actually going for it as a "launching pad" for your break...and after the initial gap, try not to drill it SO hard that you blow up...remember, you've got to be able to average the same speed as the pack solo (plus another 0.5-1mph due to the speed ramping up in the later laps) to stay away ;-)

yes, exactly. follow the front guys going for the prime, THEN go.

then pray for lack of motivation in the field for a while!

unless, the third prime is really dumb and nobody wants it, then attack the lap before and maybe they let me go because they think I am just going for the prime..


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