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Re: New Enve Aero rims and some impressive SC drag numbers [Tom A.]
Tom A. wrote:
On that same subject, if linearity of the response is the "be all and end all" of this subject, then why do people consider lower profile rims to be easier to handle, despite their "linearity" being "worse". For example, take a look at the plot for the 24mm deep aluminum baseline wheel...
I'm looking and I see that the baseline 24mm rim (and the FC 404) have better linearity than the other two (if the graph between the dots is for real).

IME (from MotoGP), linear response is crucial in all human-machine interactions that are taken to the extreme, be it throttle control, brake performance, tire grip or suspension response. When Simon Smart says that I'm inclined to nod and say "that sounds familiar".
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