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Re: Workouts to get me to sub 40 10k (open) [mr. mike]
I think your already there but I'll through in my 2 cents. If you can get to a track once a week that will help. It takes a few weeks to get comfortable with track running and track workouts. My favorite is one mile repeats. with 220 (1/2 lap) walking recovery. If you can do "Seven and Seven" (seven one mile repeats at seven minute pace) you should be able to break 40 minutes. If you can do 7&7 at 6:30 per mile pace then you are sure to go under 39 minutes.

If you cannot get to a track my favorite speed practice is by counting telephone poles. It goes like this, fast for one pole/easy to the next pole, then fast for two poles/easy for one pole, then fast for three poles/easy for one pole, etc, up to five poles. Do that about three times in the middle of a six mile run.

Most importantly you do not need to "kill" yourself in training. Save your best performance for the race itself. Don't leave your best performance on the track in training!

My 10k pr is 37 minutes (while running about 20-25 miles a week, but doing alot of cycling too) using this approach FWIW.

I was, now I will tri again!
Any time is a good time.
God Bless you my friend.
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