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Re: Any Canadians with/had a hip labral tear here? [soya]
soya wrote:
After 2 years of searching for answers and seeing docs of all sorts and a 6 month wait for a MRI (no contrast) I am finally heading somewhere.

I just have to ask with all the talk about health care. Are you happy with taking 2 years of various visits and half a year to get an MRI? My knee blowout from day 1 to post op and done with rehab was faster than your MRI wait time. If you had a total knee blowout would they have put you up to the front of the line? Just want to hear the details from someone actually in the system. Even my non emergent shoulder was a 48 hour deal from doc visit to MRI and into rehab.

With that said I hope you get it all squared away and back on the road asap! Rehab stinks, but it works.
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