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Re: Patellar Tendonitis – What worked for you? [ABrunner]
For me I started wearing a brace and this helped; however, I think that after awhile I think it made things worse because mainly because the extra support allows you to use less of your leg muscles. By worse, I mean that I found that I kept running slower and slower and it took less distance before my knee started aching.
I don't know if I "cured" myself, but I think that certain changes helped.
First, I weaned myself off the brace and started doing more walking at first. I would run a few minutes without the brace, put the brace on, and then alternate every few minutes. As months went on I slowly added more time running and less time with the brace. Finally, a few months ago I did my first half marathon without a brace at all. As time went on I realized that my natural tendency was for my left leg to curve in slightly while I ran and would want to land more towards the outside of the foot....the right leg didn't due this at all. I realized that for years I was unconsciously "correcting" to land more toward the middle of the foot. So, I started to concentrate on just letting myself land where it wanted to even though it wasn't the same as the right foot. Keep in mind this is pretty slight and it isn't like i suddenly looked like I was from the Ministry of the Silly Walk. Also, I realized that I was slightly over striding and wasn't following through quite enough.
Combined, I haven't used a brace in 4 months and have been mostly brace-free for about 7-8 months. In the meantime, while I am still slow, I am actually running faster than I ever—even though it is still slow from ST standards. Safe to say, cut about 3-4 minutes per mile (keep in mind I got really slow by the end). I have It had gotten to the point that in most races I had pretty much given up by the run because I knew I would be it too much pain to run too hard...not surprisingly, I quit for several years partially because of it.

Also, I started doing slow runs up hills—mainly because it hurt less. As time went on, I think the hills helped to reinforce a better running gait by reducing over striding while requiring more push off.
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