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Re: NormaTec MVP Boot vs. Recovery Pump Boot [Rappstar]
Rappstar wrote:
Well, you can look at what Lance chooses, what a significant number of NBA & NFL players use, and think about the fact that NONE of them are paid to use NormaTec (and many of them actually just paid full $ for their systems), and I think it's pretty clear.

The Recovery Pump is old tech. It's fine for what it is. But it's certainly NOT a competitor the NormaTec.

Keep in mind that the Recovery Pump was a purpose built CONSUMER product. The NormaTec MVP is a commercial (sort of) version that's a derivative of a DME product designed exclusively for rehabilitative medicine.

Spend some time reading about how each product actually works. The difference is clear. Then just make your own decision.

Doesn't matter to me which you choose. Just want to be clear on what the actual facts are in each case.

EDIT: one thing I forgot to add - the NormaTec "holds" the two (or one if it's the ankle pulsing or none if it's the foot) cells below the currently pulsing cell to avoid pushing fluid down into the leg (as opposed to back to the heart). So that's an important distinction from what Michael explained about the NormaTec pulsing only one cell at a time...

Rappster, I don't think you have a complete understanding of what Recovery Pump is, which is understandable considering you don't work with them.

Recovery Pump was not built as a CONSUMER product. It is a rebranded version of Lymphapress, which is also a DME product designed for rehabilitative medicine. I've heard that medical patients find it's actually much more effective than NormaTec, because it does more than just mimic the natural flushing of your legs. I have not heard of any comparisons by athletes though.

Also, Recovery Pump is not like a really tight compression tight. It compresses from the foot and grows the compression up the legs and then releases all at one time. It then repeats this process. Just holding tight like a compression tight would be ineffective. I could understand your "old tech" comment if you thought that was what it did. That's not the case though. The studies that I have seen say that this is more effective at flushing your legs than what NormaTec does.

In regards to your Lance, NFL and NBA comment, Recovery Pump just entered the sports market in 2011. These athletes have been with NormaTec longer than that and were never give the choice between the two boots. NormaTec had no competitors last year so what athlete wouldn't take a sponsorship by them? I don't believe Recovery Pump has even started to pursue the big sport pro athletes.

I respect that you are defending your sponsor, but I just want to make sure the everyone is clear on the facts here.

(Just making a late edit here. Read this: http://recoverypump.com/use.html under the "Other Important Information" section. It clearly states the advantages of Recovery Pump's sequential compression system vs NormaTec's peristaltic compression system.)
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