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Re: buying bike from indonesia? [Slowman]
I did a bit of further research following the post from Julio, Murel etc. The website for ArdiraSport was first registered in December 2010 which in itself is not an indicator of anything wrong. However the business claims to be a well established importer and distributor going back to 2008 yet does not seem to appear in any business indexes or other reference points until a rash of self registrations appeared in . . . . . . . . yes you guessed it December 2010. With one exception below I have been unable to find any other references to the company referred to.

The picture of the shop on the contact us page of the website includes an information board with no sign of local script or text but what appears to be English. Am I missing something?

Further snooping around has found a reference to them in one of the bigger business indexes. Interestingly there was a very negative report questioning the legitimacy of the business which was then responded to with repeated very poorly translated and aggressive single posts referring to libel and slander using both English/US and European user names. Sound familiar?

I have also found threads similar to OP on other forums that get 3 or 4 one -trick-pony new members immediately posting the great virtues of the supplier with English/US user names and the most appalling auto translated text that looks very familiar.

One more line of enquiry is taking place but I'll update you on that one as and when.
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