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Re: Normalized Power Formula or Calculator... [Andrew Coggan]
I have plenty of ideas, just always forget them by the time I get to work :)

Lets say I start training with power on Jan 1 and set CTL & ATL to 50. I train and my CTL go up/down with training and lets say at June 1st my CTL & ATL are 70. If I reset the window of the PMC to June1-July1 to 'zoom' in on that region, it automatically sets the CTL & ATL of June 1st to the initial 50/50 since that is the first entry into the window althought my CTL & ATL are actually 70 at that point so it messes up the following data. Therefore I am not allowed to zoom in on a certain region without compromising my data or adjusting the baseline CTL/ATL to what it should be. There should be a date associated with the initial CTL/ATL or something to fix this issue

-Manual Entry
Lets say my data gets corrupted and I want to enter in my manual data. Lets say I averaged 200W for 1 hr. I enter in these metrics, the power distribution plot will show 200W for 1hr which is obviously not what happened. If I then plot my power distribution for 7days or 28days or whatever it will be skewed by this input.

-There needs to be a tabular input for weight/FTP to simplify inputing the data. Lets say I have a scale and weigh myself everyday and write down the numbers, then at the end of the week I can go into the raw data input and enter in my weight instead of having to open/adjust/save each ride file.

I will also note that I have been using the trial version for 8 months with no issues at all ;)

I have others but this is all I can remember right now.

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