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Re: STers Looking For Work & Who've Posted in the Jobs Forum, POST HERE [Rappstar]
My company is looking for a race timer that lives or works or wants to live or work in Bozeman, Billings or Missoula, Montana. Race timing experience isn't necessary.

The real work will start in the spring of 2011, as the season is winding down in Montana at present.

A good candidate will have these qualities:

--be on-time. There are no second chances in race timing.

--be willing to work until the job is done. Able to work and think rationally when fatigued or stressed.

--if not an athlete, then understand athletes and what motivates them

--have an understanding of software operation, as race timing is now a technologically driven business

You can see more about my company at http://www.fastfinishes.net.

We are expanding into a new region.



Triathlon and Running Race Timing
Athletic Event Management
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