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Re: Velonews aero wheel test... Stinger 9 is the best [Tom A.]
I've had the good fortune of racing and riding on 808s, Stinger 9s and 1080s for the past few years. My 808s were not warrantied after Zipp insisted a cracked rim was attributable to a crash and that was simply not so. I switched to Hed and sold all of my Zipps. I now am on Hed Stinger 90s/Vittoria 23 mm and love them as I feel they are much stiffer (the 808s required my opening the rear brake bridge before sprinting). Again this is one of those N = 1 things and my rear wheel was/is laced to a PT hub so the difference may be just in the hub as I went from a '08 2.4 sl to a '10 sl+ (larger axle diameter). I will say that I personally found the 1080 on the front only marginally more problematic with side winds than the 808 and the 90 seems to be somewhere in the middle under the same side wind conditions. That said, I'd like to point out my disappointment for Hed grossly misrepresenting the weight of their wheels if the VN weights are to be trusted...

The VN article has weights for mass and the 808s are 1566 grams (perhaps including skewers) which is 67 over the specs they give on their website. In contrast, the Stinger 90s weigh in at 1644 grams WHICH IS 140 GRAMS over the Hed website's specs of 1504 grams. I for one am not pleased about this since part of my purchase rationale for the 90s included the weight (recall I use these for road racing as well)!!

Perhaps this is a result of skewer differences but I doubt it.
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