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Re: Velonews aero wheel test... Stinger 9 is the best [bikescott]
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Zipp has the same basic program. I believe the stated limit is 5 years, but that is in place simply because often there are so many changes in 5 years that parts are often not available to fix as a crash replacement. I have never seen Zipp refuse to fix a wheel that parts were available for, regardless of the age.

The cost is usually in the $400-500 range, depending on which rim, and if the hub needs service/parts as well.

The costs for the Zipp No Fault/Crash Replacement program depends on where you live. Here in the Netherlands it's different than in the US. Here you can get a 15% reduction in price of the rim when you crack your rim. My 404 clincher rim cracked at a spoke hole and I got lucky that they would replace it although I cracked my rim after the two year warranty period.

Another important point of a crash replacement/no fault replacement would be how fast Zipp/Hed can replace the damaged wheel. I did sent my Zipp 404 powertap wheel to the local distributor in May but I still don't have my training and race wheel equipped with a powertap, so I have to borrow a powertap wheel to train with power.

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