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Re: Velonews aero wheel test... Stinger 9 is the best [Vince@HED]
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I might be wrong but Zipp gets their carbon from overseas too. We get our rims from Taiwan but the carbon faring is made in Iowa, sent to Minnesota and them bonded to the rim by our guys. Then it is spoked, trued and sold

I think they have the same type of process too. Like I said, I might be wrong on that one

Nope, you are wrong. All wheels go from raw materials (excluding spokes) to production at Zipp's single facility in Speedway. The only exception is the bearings, which are Swiss. The lone exception to this WAS the "CSC/Team Issue" wheel which used a DT Swiss hoop. The raw materials come from a variety of places, including China.

Further, Zipp's clincher wheels are not a fairing bonded to a rim. It's an aluminum extrusion (with bead hooks) that is co-molded with the deeper carbon section. You can easily tell this because the spoke nipples anchor at the inner edge of the hoop, not into the aluminum extrusion. So it's a fully structural co-molded wheel, not a structural rim bonded to a fairing.

Lastly, you didn't answer the question about how or where the Stingers are made, since they are not a fairing bonded onto a rim. That's the Jets. The question was where are the Stinger series wheels made.

EDIT: Quick edit, because I forgot the new 101s. The hoop is rolled and extruded in Taiwan. The clincher extrusions are also now rolled and extruded and welded (but not drilled or anodized or post-machined) there as well, a change that happened ~4 years ago when Zipp's only source for that work closed up shop stateside.

Complete breakdown of materials:
- US sourced carbon and resin, which is shipped frozen to Speedway and fabricated into rims.
- Carbon and resin are manufactured from raw polymers in California and Utah.
- Non-carbon composite materials, mainly Silicon Carbide and Boron from Ohio and New Jersey.
- ALL raw materials carry AS or QS certifications.
- Aluminum (for hubs, etc. - not for the extrusions) is sourced from Lafayette Indiana and completely machined, anodized and finished in Speedway.
- All mold tooling, presses and manufacturing equipment are designed in Speedway, and fabricated within the border of Indiana.
- Decals are printed in Indiana on 3M films produced in Minnesota.

The only foreign sourced components in a Zipp wheelset are spokes and nipples from Belgium, bearings from Switzerland, and - in the case of the co-molded clinchers (so the "regular" 404 clincher, for example, but not the 404 CC) and the 101 - the rim extrusion (or hoop in the 101's case) from Taiwan. And all hub and wheel assembly is done in Speedway.

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