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Re: Velonews aero wheel test... Stinger 9 is the best [Rappstar]
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Vince works in sales. Josh P. is the head of Zipp's engineering department. When was the last time Steve Hed came on this forum to answer a question about his designs?

Zipp has what hundreds of employees, we have maybe 20 people.

Granted I am in "sales" doesnt mean a thing. Anytime a HED "sales" person has a question we go directly to the source, Steve because he is in the shop working on making the fastest wheels faster. When is the last time the Owner of Zipp/SRAM posted? Better yet, when is the last time the owner sat down at a desk and answered calls from a customer, not a pro or sponsored athlete, Jo Schmo calling in with questions?

Numbers are numbers if they come from a "sales" guy or an engineer. Just because I dont have a title, in fact, nobody at HED has a title, doesn't discount what I say one bit. 99% of the time Steve has contributed to the answer but doesnt need to post it on here or anyplace else. That is why they pay me!

I could easily say that you being sponsored by Zipp, Specialized and SRAM are being a good company guy buy talking bad about the competition, but I wont. You are simply promoting the companies that help you. There is nothing worng with that. I do the same thing, we all do.

Next year, if you were sponsored by us you would be saying good things about HED and not ZIPP. I can understand loyalty but dont let it cloud your judgment.

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