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Re: Any of you ladies have MTN bike seat issues? [R10C]
I ride the Butterfly on my cross bike and had one on my road bike. On my mountain bike (FS) I ride a WTB Speed She Pro Gel. Very comfy, I've been putting in a lot of dirt miles lately and my ass is pretty happy. A week or so ago I borrowed a frinds single speed (HT) and she had a Terry Damselfly on it. I have to say I found it more comfortable than the Butterfly. Not quite as wide. I'm fixing to get a ss and will likely put a damselfly on it (even though I get a ridiculously good deal on WTB through sponsorship).

I'm assuming you had her sit on the bike on a trainer to set the rear shock to the right pressure. My saddle on my mtb is actually slightly higher than on my cross bike, and I've been professionally fit on it.

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