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Official Speed Concept Owners Thread
Just got done with my order. Thankfully my local dealer, SBR, is getting 60 SCs for their first shipment in mid June (apparently one of the largest orders in the country) and decided to make some of those project one builds. I opted for the 9.5 in white/red/black (a pre ordered project one) with an ultegra build that I'll be swapping my 2010 Force group over to (let me know if anyones interested in a brand new Ultegra 6700 group!). Also, I was told that the only difference for the WSD version of the speed concept is the seat and the width of the basebars (EDIT: this is apparently not true. Both have the same width basebar. So does anyone know the difference apart from the seat?). So if anyones digging those colors you could opt for a WSD build. Geo is the same.

Anyone else have their order in? And if so, what color/build did you opt for?

"One Line Robert"
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